Is the motorhome completely autonomous?

Yes, it is. It has a fully autonomous fridge, cooker, hot water, heating, lighting and sanitary services.

Which is the Motorhome cruise speed?

The advisable average speed is 90-100 km/h, when fully loaded

Are all your vehicles diesel?

Yes, they are. All our vehicles are diesel and have 100/130 cv multijet motors.

Can I park my motorhome anywhere?

Yes, you can, unless the opposite is specifically mentioned.

Are there 220 v. in a motorhome?

Yes, there are. When you connect your motorhome to a campsite net which is 220 v.

Where do I have to unload the chemical liquids from the toilet and the sewage from the waste water tank?

You can unload them at those places that many Spanish towns, and almost all European cities have for that purpose, or even at the campsite itself. This symbol shows you that this area is prepared for this task.

Can I rent a motorhome in the winter?

Yes, you can. All our vehicles are equipped with heating, both inside the dwelling area and in the cabin, and we can provide you blankets and sleeping bags under request. This has an additional cost.

Can I carry any bicycles?

Yes, you can. If you wish ROCFOR can install a bike rack with an additional 5€ /day charge

How does a motorhome work?

Before departing, a ROCFOR employee will tell you everything you need to know about how your motorhome works and you will be given a practical instructions handbook in case you have any doubts. Whether you have an emergency or something unexpected you don’t have to worry, we will assist you by phone

Which is the capacity of the water tanks?

It depends on each vehicle and on the nº of seats, but it usually ranges from 100 litres to 110 l.

Can I leave my vehicle in the car park once I have collected my motorhome?

Yes, you can. You collect your motorhome and you can leave your vehicle in our car park for free.

Which are the dimensions of a motorhome?

height, 2’20 m. depth and 5’60 to 7’15 m. lenght, depending on the model you choose

Which kind of driving licence do I require to drive a rented motorhome?

All our motorhomes can be driven with the type B driving licence.

What do I have to beware while driving a motorhome?

Basically its height, paying special attention to bridges, balconies, height markers, petrol stations, car parks, tolls, etc. You must also be careful with tree branches.

Are motorhomes delivered clean?

Yes, they are. You will be given a clean and disinfected motorhome and this is the way it must be returned. Although, if you prefer, we can have it cleaned for you for an additional 100€ charge.